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The New Freak in Nashville: Harold Landry

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11/01/2019 06:58 Message non lu

There are 31 NFL teams that are kicking themselves for passing on Harold Landry III in the
2018 NFL Draft.The Cleveland Browns passed him four times. The Indianapolis
Colts passed on Landry three times. The New York Giants http://www.titansauthorizedshops.com/authentic-dennis-kelly-jersey , Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens had more than one chance to
acquire Landry, but also skipped and filled other needs.Titans GM Jon Robinson
lunged at the opportunity to make a trade for Landry and seconds before the pick
was announced, the video of the war room showing Robinson high-fiving HC Mike
Vrabel emerged.Robinson had to have known he had negotiated a draft steal that
would not only fill an area of need - but found a player he believed could have
an immediate impact. Landry has done just that.Kearse Reincarnated In the 1999
NFL Draft, Jevon Kearse was the fourth defensive player taken in the first round
behind CB Champ Bailey, CB Chris McAlister and DT Anthony “Booger”
McFarland.Kearse, a Florida Gator alum Jayon Brown Jersey , was considered by some to be a top 10 pick. Instead, the Titans snatched him six picks outside of the top 10. Kearse - who eventually
became the Defensive Rookie of the Year - was a player 15 teams regretted not
drafting.The magical season that was ‘99 was special for many reason. One big
reason included the Freak. Kearse was a dominant force on defense - but most of
his dominance came during the second half of his rookie season.Through the first
eight games, Kearse had four sacks. His disruption couldn’t be measured through
the box score. There were things he did defensively that simply made huge
impacts and shifted momentum week to week.Sound familiar?Landry has one sack
through three games, but the havoc he has created cannot and should not go
unnoticed. MCM Mike Herndon, Titans Film Room and Superhorn all have posted
excellent film clips showing just exactly what kind of damage is left behind a
Landry rush.Hard not to wonder if Landry had been active for the disastrous
Miami game, this team may be undefeated.Landry’s RiseLandry has put several
teams on notice through the first quarter of the season - and the scary thing
is, his play will only continue to improve. As mentioned above Authentic Josh Kline Jersey , Kearse had four sacks through the first eight games - three sacks coming in one game against Cleveland. Could Landry do the
same as he faces the Buffalo Bills - who have allowed the most sacks in the
league?Very possible. The second half of Kearse’s rookie season, he stacked up
10.5 sacks and finished the regular season with 14.5. Landry has all the
physical tools and is surrounded by a strong supporting cast, which makes it
possible for him to explode onto the scene and legitimately contend for the
Defensive Rookie of the Year crown.Landry will continue to find comfort in his
role and DC Dean Pees will continue to shuffle versatile backer along the
defensive front hoping to get an impact.Landry will be honored by season end.
The Cowboys are really good on defense. They rank 3rd in total yards per game
allowed, 3rd in passing yards per game allowed, 9th in rushing yards per game
allowed and 2nd in points allowed. Those are pretty daunting numbers*. There
doesn’t appear to be any weakness there. I had no idea they had been that good
until I started looking at the match-up this week.There are a couple of areas
where the Cowboys defense can be exploited. They rank 22nd against the tight end
and 24th against the running back in the passing game. They have up 14 catches
and 80 yards to Saquon Barkley and 8 catches and 73 yards to Alfred Blue(!).
Hello Dion Lewis! I would love to see Lewis get 6-8 targets in this game.
Unfortunately, the Titans won’t be able to take advantage of the weakness
against tight ends because Jonnu Smith apparently forgot how to play football
after the first month of last season.*One thing that should be pointed out here
is that the Cowboys play at the 4th slowest pace in the league according to
Football Outsiders. That is going to make their yardage stats look better
because there is less opportunity for the opposing offense.


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